10 years since the iPhone, what comes next …

THE StreamiX AMP is about to change things…

It’s 10 Years since the launch of the iPhone, and we now launch a Service which plays you Music the way you Think & Feel about Music;

available anywhere there is an internet Connection, via Browser on any device: Mobile; Tablet; PC; Mac; Laptop:

Three clicks and in to an instant stream of music based on how you feel at that moment…

Fan: blend Music You Already Love (Owned) with New Tracks You Heard & Would Like to Hear Again (Review) and Completely New Material Including Award Winning Artists (Discovery)
Artist: upload Your Recorded Music for the global Audience to Enjoy
Industry: contact us for Partnerships

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Increasing Artist Income & Exposure

We all know that Streaming delivers Artists next to nothing, but it seems to be what consumers ‘Want’ and it’s growing.

Downloads produce more income but once iTunes and Others take their cut and your intermediary does the same it still diminishes.

THE Streamix AMP is Designed to Encourage Music Ownership and will offer to display your music to the world and share Download Revenue 50/50.

In order for emerging Artists to get their Music into THE StreamiX AMP they need to be part of the Exposure Music Awards®, which has its own special Ethos.

DEADLINE is officially closed. However UK Based acts may still Enter by Midnight on Fri 7th Feb using STREAMIXAMP, as £5 Discount Code.

Best regards

Dean G. Hill

Business Networking: www.linkedin.com/in/deanomuso

Exposure for Bands and Songwriters

It’s great to be unusually blessed with the gift of Creativity…

But if nobody but a few hundred dedicated Friends/Family/Fans get to hear it then it’s disheartening

THE StreamiX AMP is about getting your music heard by The Wider Universe, both Online and TV / Film / Games, or even real world live Opportunities

THE StreamiX AMP was Nominated for Born Global Awards, which represents us with an opportunity to Showcase Great Music INTERNATIONALLY

We’ll do this via our partners Exposure Music Awards®

Here is How:

To be eligible prospective Artists will need to Enter the Exposure Music Awards®, Tick ‘Stream our music Promotionally’ and enter this Code:


as your coupon when you Enter the Awards.

Then all Tracks will be played to a Global music audience via THE StreamiX AMP using Your Music & Our Marketing, to get amazing new artists Heard.

Bands or Artists participating will get £5 discount on entry paying just £10 to have their Music assessed by associated World Renowned Producers and Experienced PR Gurus, along with all the other Profile Building Advantages of being part of the Awards process: www.ExposureMusicAwards.org/about, as well as having their music featured in the AMP.

*AND if their music is downloaded they will Receive 50% of Resulting Revenue, as well as the opportunity to be considered by TV / Game / Movie companies for possible Synch’ Usage Fees in global productions (£100 to £1,000 per Track is Typical) and sometimes even Live Experiential Projects which involve wider Promotion.

This is a completely Non-Exclusive-Arrangement, and does not inhibit them in any way from using their music in other projects or deals.

An email containing further information on how to set up your StreamiX AMP account and upload your tracks for subsequent promotion will be sent following a successful entry at www.ExposureMusicAwards.org/artists.

*See T&Cs linked within your Exposure Music Awards® Artist Entry email sent upon successful entry for Details, for queries please email Dean@ExposureMusicAwards.Org

THE StreamiX AMP is now a Finalist in The Born Global Innovation Awards and Artists should get on board now to be part of the publicity surrounding this and be available to be played to Our Global Audience at Launch date.

The StreamiX AMP

The StreamiX AMP is an Innovative new Music Player Interface delivering you exactly the music you want, when you want and where you want

So how would you like to have access to every type of music in existence;
DIY / Indie / Major
And that you could decide to Enjoy what you want, based on music you;
Already Own / Recently Heard & Liked / Completely New And Very Unique Discoveries
And hear exactly what you are in the mood for at that moment in time;
Aggressive / Mellow / Party
AMP by StreamiX Digital Limited will bring you all this with our Innovative Music Player…



Too good to be true maybe, well there’s no doubt there will be challenges ahead, but with nearly 15 years’ experience at the sharp end of The Music Business and BAFTA Winning Developers we’re well on our way.