The StreamiX AMP

The StreamiX AMP is an Innovative new Music Player Interface delivering you exactly the music you want, when you want and where you want

So how would you like to have access to every type of music in existence;
DIY / Indie / Major
And that you could decide to Enjoy what you want, based on music you;
Already Own / Recently Heard & Liked / Completely New And Very Unique Discoveries
And hear exactly what you are in the mood for at that moment in time;
Aggressive / Mellow / Party
AMP by StreamiX Digital Limited will bring you all this with our Innovative Music Player…



Too good to be true maybe, well there’s no doubt there will be challenges ahead, but with nearly 15 years’ experience at the sharp end of The Music Business and BAFTA Winning Developers we’re well on our way.

3 Responses to The StreamiX AMP

  1. Adam Goodfellow says:

    What a brilliant innovation.

    So much better than the tired old tropes of algorithms selecting for you.

    No question. This is a big step forward for the delivery of music to consumers!

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