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Dean Hill - Virtual Music Manager
This is an email from Dean G Hill at Streamix

The StreamiX AMP

The StreamiX AMP is an Innovative new Music Player Interface delivering you exactly the music you want, when you want and where you want

So how would you like to have access to every type of music in existence;
DIY / Indie / Major
And that you could decide to Enjoy what you want, based on music you;
Already Own / Recently Heard & Liked / Completely New And Very Unique Discoveries
And hear exactly what you are in the mood for at that moment in time;
Aggressive / Mellow / Party
AMP by StreamiX Digital Limited will bring you all this with our Innovative Music Player…



Too good to be true maybe, well there’s no doubt there will be challenges ahead, but with nearly 15 years’ experience at the sharp end of The Music Business and BAFTA Winning Developers we’re well on our way.

Invest on CrowdCube

Be part of the StreamiX Music Evolution by Investing between £50 and £50,000 and in addition to your shares gain the following Rewards:

Invest £500 and get
One year’s free access to the AMP Beta Onwards
Invest £1,000 and get
All of the above & lifetime free access to the AMP Commercial Versions
Invest £5,000 and get
All of the above & proactive involvement in development and strategy overview
Invest £10,000 and get
All of the above & AMP Party Sessions, with Live bands in mood rooms and VIP areas…
Invest £50,000 and get
All of the above & join us at trade shows in Europe & America, for Business & Entertainment

If we reach our First Round Total of £75K we have a great shot at making this a Reality, and with your help we shall do. Should we not make our total no money will be taken from any of the individuals who ‘Pledged’, so dive in Now:


Trust me I’m a Music Doctor ;-)

Oh and our funding platform “Crowdcube” is FSA regulated, any investment in Streamix Digital has been given provisional clearance for EIS tax relief for the investor and Streamix Digital also now has Patent Protection Pending.

And no money is taken unless we reach an agreed target which is likely to launch the AMP successfully so suggest you pledge early and get things Moving!


Video Overview

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