Track upload – Terms and Conditions

1) Your music will be Played & Promoted through THE StreamiX AMP by Streamix Digital Limited (we’d also encourage you to Enter the Exposure Music Awards® now with your Streamix Discount Code of STREAMIXAMP).
2) You will upload at least your three best Songs, designating each a Mood of Aggressive / Mellow / Party.
3) The above actions will allow Tourdates Special Projects UK Ltd. and Streamix Digital Limited. to Present your Music in the following Channels:

Streaming for Promotion / Synchronisation for Income / Opportunities for Development

A) You hereby agree for your music to be Streamed Royalty Free in THE StreamiX AMP in return for a share of revenue from all Purchases of your tracks: 50% You The Artist / 40% Streamix Digital Limited / 10% Carefully Selected Charities.
B) You hereby agree for your music to be ‘Synched’ to TV / WEB / FILM / GAME / FESTIVAL opportunities either for PR & Promo for You & Exposure™ or for a Fee which RBM will then share with you 50/50, via all deals negotiated through RBM*.
C) You hereby agree for your music to be Selected by Music & Media Industry Experts for Experiential Marketing Opportunities especially Live Events & Leisure Concepts, subject to agreement by all parties involved, and your prior consent to Perform.

For both Downloads and Synch your 50% split is based upon the Net revenue after third party Fees and Commissions, by introducers or deal facilitators, including transaction charges.

*Streamix Digital Limited reserves the right to levy 10% Introducer’s Fee on Synch License Payments over £250.

At such time as Streamix Digital Limited becomes subject to VAT, any resulting price change will reflect the imposition of VAT, thus changing resulting revenue shares to an AFTER VAT BASIS.

NOTE: if you are Registered with MCPS, between 5 & 10 percent of total Next Download Revenue will be collected by them and distributed to you, the balance of your total 50% share due then being paid directly by Streamix Digital Limited.

In the event that Streamix Digital Limited enter into alternative new arrangements for earning revenue from your music, this revenue will be shared on a similar basis to that shown above, or renegotiated if significantly different.

Exposure™ = Exposure Music Awards®
RBM = Raven Black Music®
All trading names for…
Tourdates Special Projects UK Ltd
Streamix™ = Streamix Digital Limited

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